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Bioneers Awards & Benefit Dinner


A very special thanks to Stuart Valentine of Centerpoint Investment
Strategies for sponsoring this memorable evening
Location: Embassy Suites • Cost: $75

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Join us in honoring some extraordinary activists and artists in an inspiring and fun evening, and come bask in the warmth, passion and good cheer of the Bioneers community. We will feast on a succulent meal designed by Embassy Suites Executive Chef Scott LaCrosse and consulting Plant Based Chef/Wellness Expert Adina Niemerow, who have teamed up again to create sublime nourishment for body, heart, mind, and spirit. Our food is being provided by cutting-edge, innovative, conscious companies supplying fresh, local, sustainably grown produce, working with some of the leading organic and biodynamic farmers, ranchers and dairies in the region.

Conference attendees purchase tickets for the event (the popularity of the event ensures that it will sell out). The evening is hosted by Bioneers founders Kenny Ausubel and Nina Simons, and Executive Director Joshua Fouts, with Bioneers Board members.

Centerpoint Investment Strategies; Organic Valley; Cowgirl Creamery; Mary’s Gone Crackers; Lotus Foods; Alter Eco; Full Belly Farms; Veritable Vegetable; fresh honeycombs from local Bay Area bees (provided by Terry Oxford); Golden Coast Mead (brewed with local honey); Humanitas Wine; North Coast Brewing Co.; Not for Sale Ale; REBBL Beverage; Guayaki; Numi Organic Tea; Café Mam Coffee.

EVE ENSLER—playwright, performer, author of The Vagina Monolgues and founder of V-Day and One Billion Rising, among the most significant campaigns to end violence against women in human history.

TOM HAYDEN—legendary, immensely influential activist, political leader, author, journalist, professor and thinker, whose 55+ year career has gone from the Civil Rights Movement to helping found SDS to the Chicago Seven trial to helping make California the greenest large state in the U.S.

MAYUMI ODA—a world-renowned, sublime artist (often called “the Matisse of Japan”) and exemplary, deeply committed, long-time anti-nuclear activist, founder of Plutonium Free Future in 1992.

VIEN TRUONG—currently Director of Green for All, one of the most effective advocates for and leaders of the Environmental Justice Movement, who has done cutting edge work integrating social equity into climate policy in California and beyond.

CLIMBING POETREE (Alixa Garcia and Naima Penniman), the most brilliant eco-conscious, socio-politically engaged spoken word duo in the known universe, as well as award-winning multimedia theater artists and deeply committed organizers and educators.

EARTH GUARDIANS—a groundbreaking, incredibly dynamic, rapidly growing international youth climate activist network.

Buy your ticket for the Bioneers Awards & Benefit Dinner »

Get ready to enjoy some of the best local and sustainable food and drink products this year, including:

 alterego  CafeMam Cowgirl  FullBelly
 Humanitas  Lagunitas  LotusFoods  NotForSale
 Numi  OrganicValley  Rebbl north-coast-brewing-co
 revive  veritable-vegtable

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